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15 page long leporello (fanfold) documentation. it’s showing the metamorphosis of my clay sculpture from a doll face to different animals and back to a spintop.

printed on 240g cardboard.

30cm x 20cm






metamorphose_leporello gif

11 typographic crimes

11 typograpic sins

A booklet with illustrations of typographic sins.

It is a crime to…

  1. not set the heading clear recognizable on the top
  2. set reading text size not to 8-10pt
  3. set long text in capitals
  4. use more then 3 font types at one and the same time
  5. make the line to short or to long
  6. not obey the baseline
  7. ignore kerning
  8. use a lot of accentuations
  9. distort characters
  10. use unreadable fonts
  11. use comic sans